Three sizes available

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A new NO-WARPS method of bead weaving!
Handcrafted in the U.S.A. from black walnut and stainless steel
We manufacture three sizes of loom:

SMALL allows you to weave up to about 5" wide. It comes with 12" long threaded rods that allow you to weave up to about 8" in length. $75 plus shipping.

MEDIUM allows you to weave up to about 10" wide. It comes with 18" long threaded rods that allow you to weave up to about 14" in length. $90 plus shipping.

LARGE allows you to weave up to about 16" wide. Due to shipping limitations, it does not come with threaded rods, but we suggest using 36" long rods that will allow you to weave up to about 32" in length. $105 plus shipping.

You can easily buy longer rods to weave longer lengths, they're available for a few dollars in any hardware store. The small and medium looms use standard 1/4" threaded rod, and the large loom uses standard 3/8" threaded rod.

All looms will include all the hardware including paper clips (except for the 36" rods for the large loom) and full detailed instructions. You can pay by check or Paypal.
Note: I got the idea for my ClipLoom from an original loom design and plans by Georgia Grisolia. The design for my loom turned out to be significantly different than the loom that you can build from Georgia’s plans, but this paper clip method works on both of them. Georgia graciously granted me permission to develop and teach this method using the looms that my husband and I designed and built.

 If you’d like to build your own paper clip bead loom based upon Georgia's design, you can buy the plans at Georgia’s Artfire shop, links listed below. Additionally, you will be blown away by the huge collection of gorgeous and spectacular patterns for bead weaving that Georgia has designed. Don’t miss it!
Weave with any size beads from size 15/0 on up - ideal for cylinder beads such as Delicas or Aikos. When you take the weaving off the loom, you have a finished edge, with no tedious warp threads to sew in. Amazing! This loom and weaving method is best suited for square or rectangular projects, but I plan to develop methods of doing more advanced looming techniques such as increasing and decreasing, in the coming year. Check back later!

These handcrafted hardwood and stainless steel looms are made by my husband Richard. Click here to see photos of our manufacturing stages:
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